Working Dog Magazine Publishes Article Authored by Dr. Sean McPeck

January 30, 2021

Working Dog Magazine recently published an article by Dr. Sean McPeck, Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center’s owner and founder. Dr. McPeck authored an article on the Advanced Canine Athletic Program (ACAP) he developed in conjunction with Guardian Point and the importance of canine conditioning for working dogs.

The article explains the three pillars that impact a working dog’s ability to perform optimally and healthily: genetics, nutrition, and conditioning. Most working dogs are the result of a long lineage of selective breeding for athletic performance. Furthermore, canine nutrition has been dialed in through extensive research and development by high-end dog food companies. Conditioning, however, remains the most often neglected pillar.

Dr. McPeck explains the physiological response of out-of-shape dogs over-exerting themselves. When a working dog lacks the proper conditioning, they risk injury and decreased performance. The ACAP capitalizes on the dog’s natural ability to rapidly adapt to exercise challenges while providing a steady progression to avoid injury.

In addition to a working dog conditioning program, Dr. McPeck also helped develop ACAP Pet for pet parents and their companions. Similar to how professional athletes and special forces operators aren’t the only people who gain an advantage from conditioning, more than just working dogs benefit from a structured conditioning program.

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