Dentistry & Oral Surgery
at Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center

Specialized Dental Care for Your Pets

At Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center, we understand that dental health is a crucial aspect of your pet’s overall well-being. Our state-of-the-art Dental Suite is equipped to provide comprehensive dentistry and oral surgery services, ensuring your pets receive the highest quality care. Led by our CEO, Dr. Sean McPeck, our dental team specializes in both routine and advanced dental treatments.

Our Advanced Dental Suite

Our Dental Suite is specifically designed to handle a wide range of dental and oral health issues. Equipped with the latest technology in veterinary dental care, we offer services including dental cleanings, extractions, oral surgeries, and treatments for periodontal disease. Our facility ensures that procedures are performed under the most sterile and safe conditions, focusing on pain management and quick recovery.

Dr. Sean McPeck:

A Renowned Expert in Veterinary Dentistry

Dr. Sean McPeck, our CEO, is not only a leader in veterinary medicine but also a sought-after expert in dentistry and oral surgery for military canines. His expertise is regularly called upon by Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies to care for their highly trained canines that play vital roles in national security.

Military Canines: Protecting Our Country

Military canines are indispensable in various law enforcement and security roles. These brave animals are involved in critical tasks such as search and rescue operations, explosive detection, and safeguarding public facilities. Agencies such as the U.S. Army, Navy SEALs, State Police, and Homeland Security depend on the health and readiness of their canines, which is why they trust experts like Dr. McPeck to provide top-notch dental care.

Comprehensive Dental Care for All Pets

While we take pride in serving military canines, our dental services are available to all pets. Good dental care is vital for any pet, as poor oral health can lead to serious systemic issues, including heart, liver, and kidney disease. At Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center, we emphasize preventive care to keep your pets' teeth clean and healthy, as well as advanced treatments for existing dental problems.

Reach Out to Us for Immediate Assistance

For non-emergency but urgent health issues, don't hesitate to reach out to Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center. We are here to provide timely medical attention to ensure your pet’s health is never left to chance. Contact our hospital directly at 907-745-8437 for immediate assistance or to inquire about our urgent care hours.
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