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Serving all of the Last Frontier, including Wasilla, Palmer, Chugiak, Eagle River, and Anchorage.

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Providing For A Longer & Healthier Life For Your Pet

Pet owners want the best life possible for their animal, but the expertise and resources required for their pet's holistic health and happiness aren't always conveniently accessible.

Our veterinarians can provide comprehensive veterinary care in one location at our animal hospital. Conveniently located, our veterinarian's serve Wasilla, Palmer, Chugiak, Eagle River, and Anchorage.

Superior Care, Unwavering Professionalism

At Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center, we provide the type of superior care for our patients that we would want for our own pets.

Our vet clinic was designed by veterinarians to provide a fear-free experience for your pets.

Our veterinarians provide nutrition, exercise, and preventative medicine, but our full range of services is designed to provide convenience to pet owners. As the only facility in Alaska to offer advanced medical treatments in addition to more traditional pet care needs like boarding and vaccinations, from the moment a patient begins their life and until the very end, Tier 1 is there each and every step of the way.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care At Our Animal Hospital

Tier 1 Vet is Alaska's only all-in-one animal hospital. We are locally owned and understand the unique demands of living in the Last Frontier. That is why we provide veterinary care for pets from the beginning of their lives to the end.


General Veterinary Services

From your dog’s first puppy vaccines to your dog’s annual checkup, our experienced vet staff is with you every step of the way.


Advanced Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

Tier 1 is proud to provide a Residency Trained Surgeon as a full time employee dedicated to serving the greater south central peninsula.


Oncology & Chemotherapy

With appropriate therapy, pets with cancer can maintain a good quality of life despite their diagnosis. Our veterinary oncology specialists will provide a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your pet's individual needs.


Regenerative Pain Management

Reverse the damage of musculoskeletal issues causing chronic pain for your pet with pain management therapy.


Advanced Dentistry & Endodontics

Keep your animals smiling with our oral health service offerings. From teeth cleanings to root canals, we provide all the dental services your pet may need.


Hospitalization and Medical Boarding

Rest assured that your pet will have a comfortable place to recover after intensive medical procedures.


Conditioning & Rehabilitation

Invest in your pet’s conditioning to prevent health complications down the road, and give them all the help they need to make a comeback after injury.


Continuing Education

As pet owners, we want the best care possible for our pets. At our veterinary medical center, we believe that begins and ends with education. Throughout the year, we host classes for pet owners on a variety of topics to include first aid, wellness, and training.


Advanced Imaging CT Images

Tier 1 VMC is the only clinic in the state offering computed tomography (CT) scans and fluoroscopy. Comprehensive veterinary medicine begins by our team of specialists and professionals having all of the information possible to make recommendations.

“Our cat needed vet care and they were able to get us in and taken care of quickly. They explained everything they were doing and prices so that there would be no shocks and left it up to us how far they could go. Everybody was sweet and caring. Will take all our pets there in the future.”

- Brandy Yeates