How often should I vaccinate my pet?

How often or do I need to vaccinate my pet? Hi my name is Dr. Sean McPeck, the CEO and owner of Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center. A few different ways to look at this one. Are you traveling outside the state? Are you going to o

Care of an Esophagostomy (E) Feeding Tube

Temperature of formula: Always feed the formula through the E-tube at room temperature, or slightly warmer, to avoid vomiting. Prior to feeding, draw up the required volume of formula into the syringe(s), and let it stand for a

Tier 1 Vet Exterior Winter-min

Making History in Alaska and the Veterinary World

In just 3 years, Tier 1 VMC surpassed multiple industry benchmarks by recruiting 11 Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) and over 60 Technicians to join them, all IN THE ARCTIC regions of Alaska. But how?