App For Canine Conditioning

Guardian Point is a group of canine trainers, handlers, and veterinarians who train working dogs to serve in the military and law enforcement units. Dr. Sean McPeck, the owner and founder of Tier 1 VMC, is also part of the Guardian Point team. He helped Guardian Point develop a training program app for these working dogs' trainers and handlers called the Advanced Canine Athletic Program (ACAP). The wild success of this program for working dogs led Dr. McPeck, along with the rest of the Guardian Point team, to develop a similar training app for family dogs: ACAP Pet.

Advanced Canine Athletic Program for Pets

There are two keys for improving the health of your dog: structured conditioning and nutrition. This is not theory; it’s fact. Conditioning and nutrition improves health, which in turn allows your dog to live a longer, happier, injury-free life. The Advanced Canine Athletic Program Pet (ACAP Pet) is a program that is designed to assist the pet owner in conditioning their dog.

Benefits of Canine Conditioning

Veterinary research shows that --- similar to people --- canines will live a healthier life if physical conditioning is a part of their life. Your dog will be less likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, or musculoskeletal issues, just to name a few. Along with the obvious health benefits this program produces, it also enables the pet owner to engage daily with their dog in an enjoyable bonding experience.

What’s Included With The ACAP Pet App

The ACAP Pet app provides you with a very detailed, easy to follow schedule for you and your dog. This app takes into consideration different breeds, fitness levels, arthritic concerns, and whether or not your dog is in his or her athletic prime. When you create an ACAP Pet account, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire that is designed to put you in one of our three conditioning categories. Once the correct category is selected, the pet owner will be given a daily workout schedule that incorporates a variety of different workouts.

Bonus Content

Along with the daily workout, the ACAP Pet app also includes educational videos, which provide information that every pet owner should know. This educational content is based on scientific research from experts in the veterinary community. It includes topics such as safety, nutrition, hydration, heat injury prevention, canine physiology, metabolism and weight loss, and healthy aging of your dog.

Download the ACAP Pet App

The ACAP Pet app is based on thousands of hours of research and development, resulting in a program that is guaranteed to provide insight and education for you, as well as healthy results for your dog. With our ACAP Pet app, all the knowledge you need to help your dog live a happier, longer, healthier life is right at your fingertips. Download the app today to get started!