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A large percentage of dogs in the United States suffer from congenital deafness. To remove congenital deafness from breeds, we recommend testing all sires, dams, and puppies to ensure that this trait is not passed down through a breed’s bloodline.

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We Now Offer Veterinary Audiology Services

At Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center, we treat hunting dogs who have stopped responding to commands, herding dogs who are not acknowledging the whistle anymore, and senior pets reaching the elderly part of their life.

We enlisted Dr. Pete Scheifele and his team to help reverse the trend of congenital deafness in Alaska. Dr. Scheifele’s team trained our staff to administer the BAER test.

BAER Testing

The BAER Test is the most effective way of determining a dog’s ability to hear. BAER is an acronym for Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response. The procedure involves putting three tiny subdermal needle electrodes on the animal’s head, one by each ear and one on the top of the head, to receive signals emitted from the brain. Then, we put a soft tube in the ear that transmits clicks. When the clicks are delivered, the neurons fire, and a set of waves render on the computer that show us precisely what intensities and frequencies the animal can hear. The results are immediate. When the test is run, the technician knows the outcome instantly, providing the pet owner with prompt results.

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Tier 1 VMC will be the first animal hospital in Alaska to offer this test. We no longer have to guess about an animal’s deafness. If you doubt your pet’s hearing ability, we can quickly and effectively determine whether or not there is a hearing issue.