Tier 1 offers canine tactical combat casualty care course in alaska

Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course


Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders Exclusivley

23-March-2020 through 24-March-2020

Tactical K9 IFAK

Attendees can register to receive a Tactical K9 IFAK. Treats major traumatic injuries common to K-9s operating in the tactical or patrol environment, including massive hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax, GDV, airway management and toxic ingestion.

Real-World Knowledge in our CT-CCC Course

A crawl, walk, run method is employed to instruct varying levels of medical knowledge.

During the course, instructor Dr. Sean McPeck will provide education on ballistic trauma, blast injuries and blunt force trauma.

From the unit medic, team member, or canine handler, any Law Enforcement or First Responder attendee will gain a unique depth of knowledge covering canine anatomy, landmarks, drug dosages, veterinary procedures, and recognizing and treating life threatening complications that pose a threat to all canines engaged in the fight.

This course includes 2 days of lecture, 1 day of table top cadaver work and 1 day of scenario based training.

Day 1 Course Outline

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    Classroom presentations -Canine Vitals -Conducting a Physical Exam and Assessment -Common Canine Injuries -Emergency Scenarios -Instituting the MARCH algorithm, Care under Fire

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    Lunch Provided On Site

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    Canine Husbandry -Environmental Deconfliction -Chemical Restraint -Canine Athletics o Introduction to the ACAP Advanced Canine Athletic Program -Supplements, Nutrition, and Injury Avoidance

Day 2 Course Outline

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    Lab Practicum -Hands on Cadaver scenarios -Canine Anatomy -Basic Bandaging -Immediate Action Drills o First Responder o Preparing for MEDEVAC/CASEVAC o Care enroute

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    Lunch provided On Site.

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    1330- *until complete

    -Common Canine First Aid -Ballistic Trauma -Blast and Blunt Force Trauma o Include Traumatic Amputations -Needle Decompression o Tension Pneumothorax o Gastric Dilatation and Volvulous -K9 IFAK o Knowing what kit to carry

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The CT-CCC is exclusively offered to Military, Law Enforcement First Responders.

The cost of the 2-Day Class is $300.00.

Registrants also want a Tactical K9 IFAK have the option to enroll for $600.00.

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Dr. Sean McPeck

As a Special Operations Veterinarian, Dr. McPeck authored and implemented the first Comprehensive Canine Conditioning Program, which is currently still being conducted by multiple SOCOM units.

Dr. Sean is the leading authority in Special Forces for Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care which lead to the successful life saving interventions by handlers in real world operations.