Veterinary Oncologist

Job Opening
    Job Opening: Veterinary Oncologist
    Location: Palmer, Alaska
    Company: Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center
    Position:  Full Time (4 Days a Week)

    Who we are and who we are looking for:

    Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center is one of the largest, privately owned veterinary hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, serving over 700,000 people.

    We are actively looking for a full-time Oncologist early in their career, someone who is looking for a collaborative environment to join our Specialists wing. This individual would work closely with our Director of Oncology and other areas of the hospital, including surgery, emergency, ophthalmology, and rehabilitation.

    Our veterinary hospital is a 20,000 square foot facility that offers multiple modalities and emergency care. We employ over 70 full-time employees and are open seven days a week. Our specialists enjoy the four days a week schedule and perpetual referrals from within the hospital and from our community of referring veterinarians within the state.

    We continually reinvest in medical equipment, technology, and our team as a privatelyowned hospital. We have cultured an environment of driven, passionate individuals whoare looking to become excellent in their careers.


    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree or equivalent
    Board Certified or Board Eligible Veterinary Oncologist
    Ability to attain an Alaska Veterinary License

    Here are a few ways that we will support YOU in YOUR Internist Career:

    Peer Groups: With multiple modalities within the hospital, you will have a network of peers to collaborate with.

    Orthopedics Operating Room: expansive OR with innovative technology, heated surgical tables, and premium lighting with video recording.

    Specialists Operating Room: exclusive and removed from the emergency side of the hospital is our specialists operating room which offers a relaxed, methodical environment to operate in.

    General Operating Room: for smaller, routine surgical operations.

    Endodontics Operating Room: exclusively designed for DVMs to attend to matters of dentistry.

    Intensive Care Unit: our ICU provides for immediate patient recovery post-surgery with around-the-clock care.

    Oxygen: the hospital is plumbed for oxygen to reach all patients in need of intensive care.

    Hospitalization Within the Hospital: Overnight hospitalization 7-days a week.

    Computed Tomography: An in-house CT to provide advanced imaging for diagnostic purposes.

    In-house Ultrasound and advanced Imaging: immediate access to qualified technicians and equipment to provide you with comprehensive imagery to make decisions by.

    *Coming Soon* LINAC: Tier 1 VMC is working towards building our linear accelerator (LINAC) wing for our Oncology department.

    Iodine-131: Licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to provide

    Iodine-131 within the hospital.

    Reinvestment: Our Leadership team allocates funds every year to reinvest intechnology and medicine so that our DVMs aren’t limited in their abilities to adhere to our Gold Standard Medicine protocols.

    Public Relations Team: Dedicated marketing and public relations team to build your professional reputation and combat negative press.

    Your Benefits Package when You Join Our Team:

    Other places talk about company culture; we live it. Our Tier 1 VMC team is exclusive. We do not want to work with anyone who has a license to practice veterinary medicine. We want to work with the type of driven, collaborative people that have the power to make a difference in our community. This isn’t everyone but if this could be for you, let’s go over your benefits package:

    Base Salary + Production and NO negative accrual. No Negative Accrual. As DVM’s, we were devastated when we started our careers to learn about negative accrual. When we built our business plan for Tier 1 VMC, we abolished negative accrual.

    • Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement with a monthly allowance.
    • Company-paid 3% 401(k) contribution
    • Tiered Paid Time Off
    • Continuing education time off and reimbursement
    • Generous Pet Care discounts

    In addition to compensation, we also practice company culture initiatives. As a team, we come together to gauge the wellness of our team and adjust company-wide benefits based on the needs of our team.

    For example, this could be catered lunches during our busiest season (June-August), snow machining trips to get out and enjoy the outdoors, float trips to fish local streams, self-defense classes, private movie screenings, or sometimes just one of our DVM’s using the kitchen to make a glorious Thanksgiving meal for everyone on shift.

    Team culture isn’t about offering more and more perks that you can use as bullet points to seduce prospective employees.Rather, it is about committing to taking care of one another. If you get it, you get it.

    Ready to Get Started?

    We need to see if you are a good fit for our hospital so let’s start with a conversation.