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      1. Due to the need for injectable and/or gas anesthesia for advanced imaging and the use of contrast agents, a current (within 1 month) CBC/biochemistry and urinalysis is required. Risks of using contrast agents may lead to acute renal failure or anaphylactic shock. 2. All medical records and current bloodwork/urinalysis are required prior to scheduling imaging. Please send all information to 3. As the referring veterinarian, I understand that without an examination and consultation with a Tier 1 doctor or specialist, I take full responsibility for the general health of this patient and that this patient is safe to undergo anesthesia. I also understand that I am responsible for the decisions regarding what imaging modality to use and what anatomy to image. Tier 1 will not be discussing the imaging results with the client or making recommendations and will forward the results to me as soon as they are available. 4. To improve efficiency, Tier 1 will communicate only with the doctor/clinic requesting the imaging and not the client.