Rafting Trip 2020!

Summah Time in the AK!

As a valued team member, we know how hard you pride yourself on professionalism, compassion and education.

Every day you show up relentless in the pursuit of bringing our community exceptional medicine through compassionate care.

As a "thank you" to our team members we have organized a rafting adventure with Bear Paw River Guides.

Here is how,

  • Choose a date between July 05, 2020 and July 31, 2020 that would work for your rafting excursion.
  • Call Bear Paw River Guides at 907-715-4800 and let them know what date you would like to schedule for.

  • Bear Paw River Guides will schedule you accordingly and provide you with all logistical information on where and when to meet with them.

To make sure that you do not miss out on this opportunity to raft the waters of the Mat-Su Valley, read below.


Bear Paw River Guides 

Bear Paw River Guides is a veteran owned and operated guide service with over ten years experience, we are truly dedicated to providing a fishing trip of a lifetime. Our goal is to offer world class fly fishing on waters off the beaten path in the wilderness of Alaska.

Bear Paw River Guides will provide the Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center team with a private group fly fishing raft trip between July 05 and July 31st, 2020.

Please see details below. 


Details and FAQ's


This river rafting trip should be a spectacular way to rejuvenate yourself and experience an adventure in our own "back yard".

Below are answers to some of the FAQ's

Who is Eligible?

All Full Time, active Employees of Tier 1 VMC.

Does this cost?

The cost of the guided river trip is covered by Tier 1 VMC for all eligible employees.

Can I just have the money you would have spent on the trip?

No. That's rude. Don't be rude.

Be grateful.

Can I bring someone?

Absolutely! You're welcome to book a seat for your spouse, sibling or friend. However, the cost of the additional guest will not be covered by Tier 1 VMC.

You will need to make payment with Bear Paw River Guides directly.

Tier 1 VMC does not handle the scheduling and or booking of additional persons.

Can I schedule this next year instead or later in the season?


The time that we have reserved with Bear Paw River Guides is for the month of July in the year 2020 only.

How do I reach Bear Paw River Guides to schedule my trip?

907-715-4800 Bear Paw River Guides

You can speak with owner operator, Aaron, who has all the information for our excursion.

How many people per raft?

3 people per raft excluding the guide.

Bear Paw River Guides will have 2 to 3 rafts available, each seating 3 individuals for our team.

Large groups can coordinate going together as feasible.

Scheduling and coordination happens with Bear Paw River Guides.

Where are they located? 

Willow Creek Resort which is located thirty minutes north of Wasilla off the Parks Highway.

Do I have to fish?


Many people prefer to have a scenic raft trip rather than fish.

If this is your preference, just let the guide know.

Can I fish?

Absolutely! Ensure that you have your State of Alaska Fishing license on your person before arriving.

You will fish for Rainbow Trout in Alaska's secluded streams.

Do I need to bring fishing gear?

Nope! Bear Paw River Guides will have all necessary fishing rods, flies and equipment.